Special Supervision Services

Special Supervision Services (SSS)

Individuals through an application process are screened for eligibility into the Special Supervision Services. Admission criteria includes:

  • An applicant with a 5 year revocation must wait twelve (12) months from the revocation date to apply.
  • An applicant with a 10 year revocation must wait twenty-four (24) months from the revocation date to apply
  • Both 5 & 10 year applicants must not drive or use any alcohol /illegal drugs within the twelve (12) months prior to the application process.
  • An applicant with a permanent revocation must wait 5 years prior to application and after conviction or release from incarceration whichever occurs last. During this 5 year period the applicant must not drive or use any alcohol/illegal drugs.
  • Illegal drug use includes abuse of over the counter drugs or prescriptions.
  • An applicant shall be evaluated and supervised by the DUI program which serves the county in which the applicant lives, works or attends school.
  • The Tri-County DUI Program is one of three state-wide programs approved to provide SSS to out-of-state applicants.
  • The Special Supervision Services provides ongoing monitoring for the remaining revocation, with the provision that the restricted driver license remains in good standing with the DHSMV, Division of Driver Licenses.
  • Applicants must have completed the Level II DUI program and treatment.


Registration is required in person which can be done in our Lakeland office.

Please call (863) 701-1919 x 2102 or contact us below to schedule an appointment.

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