Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) Programs

Driving Under the Influence – DUI – Through a contract with DHSMV, Tri-County provides the DUI Program consisting of Level I & II classes and substance abuse evaluations, in Polk, Highlands and Hardee counties.

Special Supervision Services – SSS – Tri-County contracts with DHSMV to provide a monitoring program to qualified persons whose driver’s license has been revoked for five or ten years, or permanently, to help them get back on the road legally and safely.

Ignition Interlock Device – IID – Section 316.193, Florida Statutes requires ignition interlock devices to be installed on the vehicle of persons convicted of DUI, upon eligibility of reinstatement for a permanent or restricted driver license. The IID prevents the start of the vehicle with a breath alcohol content (BAC) of .05 if convicted after July 01, 2002 and a BAC of .025 if convicted after July 01, 2013. Persons receiving BAC violation letters from DHSMV in Tallahassee will be sent to their local DUI program for monitoring service.

Drug Alcohol Traffic Education – DATE – This 4-hour class satisfies Florida’s traffic law and substance abuse education course requirements for first-time driver’s license applicants. This class may be taken online or in a live classroom session. Public or private classes available.

Driver Improvement Programs – BDI, IDI, ADI – These Florida traffic schools are available in three (3) levels and are designed to help remove/minimize traffic citation penalties, and prevent recidivism through life changing educational courses.

Programs for Florida Drivers

Tri-County Human Services, Inc. contracts with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to operate programs in Polk, Highlands, and Hardee Counties.  These range from courses or programs for drivers that are securing their license for the first time to special programs for drivers with DUI related charges, other traffic infractions, license restrictions that include an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) and a program for those drivers with 5/10 year or permanent license revocations.  Let us help you get on the road again safely, and legally.

Contact Information:
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650 Ave. K, NW
Winter Haven FL 33881
Phone: (863) 294-4600 Fax: (863) 291-6321

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