The RASUW Center for Women is located in Bartow, FL. Adult women, (over the age of 18), residing in Polk, Highlands or Hardee County, Florida are eligible for admission to the center. The RASUW Center for Women is a fifteen (15) bed modified therapeutic community serving adult females with substance abuse and co-occurring difficulties. The program provides priority placement and treatment for women who are pregnant or post-partum as well as women 18 years of age or older. The primary purpose of this program continues to be to meet the needs of women in distress who require substance abuse treatment. The concurrent treatment of mental health difficulties, substance dependence and co-occurring disorders, provided in a safe residential environment, is considered to be an integral aspect of the recovery process. The RASUW Center provides a ninety (90) day treatment regimen utilizing science-based techniques and strategies specifically designed to meet the needs of women.

Residential Level III RASUW Center for Women: Residential Level III will be as short term transitional program to help the individual move back into the community and/or other treatment program. It is also available for those who have are awaiting formal admission to another treatment program. Rather than have someone wait in an environment that would not deter a lapse in sobriety, the potential person served will be given an opportunity to participate in a level III process until their formal admission.

Contact Information


Adult Female SA/MH Services

2725 Hwy. 60, East

Bartow, FL 33830

Phone: (863) 533-5860 Fax: (863) 519-6983

Business Hours:  8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

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