The Florida Center is a 55-bed residential facility for adults with co-occurring substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. Utilizing a skilled professional staff, the Florida Center provides up to 63 days of “state of the art” clinical intervention. To be successful, treatment of the substance abuse and mental disorders must occur simultaneously. Treatment includes include the following services; substance abuse/mental health assessment, psychiatric evaluation, individual counseling, group counseling, HIV screening, recreational therapy and medication therapy. This program is a 63 day program that serves all counties of the state including Polk County. Only Polk County residents are served under this contract.


Residential Level II- 5-bed: The 5 Bed Male Substance Abuse Program is for those individuals presenting with a primary substance abuse related disorder. This program provides up to 63 days of comprehensive assessment and treatment services. Upon admission, these individuals will be acclimated to Florida Center’s therapeutic community and shortly, will begin the assessment phase of their program. Individual, group counseling and case management services are provided. Because aftercare planning is so vital to recovery and integral to treatment success, Florida Center makes aftercare recommendations for all these individuals to transitional living facilities such as half way houses to facilitate continued sobriety and drug free living. The 5 Bed Male Substance Abuse Program participants follow the same modalities as all persons served at Florida Center. Only Polk County residents are served under this contract.


Residential Level III Florida Center: Residential Level III is a short term transitional program to help the individual move back into the community and/or other treatment program. It is also available for those who have completed detoxification yet lack stable housing as they await formal admission to the Florida Center for Addictions and Dual Disorders. Rather than have someone wait in an environment that would not deter a lapse in sobriety, the potential person served will be given an opportunity to participate in a level III process until their formal admission.

Contact Information


Adult Residential SA/MH Treatment

100 West College Drive, Bldg. “A”

Avon Park, FL 33825

Phone: (863) 452-3858 Fax: (863) 452-3863

Business Hours:  

Business Hours:  8:30 AM TO 4:30 PM

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