Tri County Human Services Path programs help identify homeless individuals who are effected by Mental Health, Substance abuse and Co-occurring Disorders within the three county service area encompassing Polk, Hardee, and Highlands Counties. Tri County Outreach Specialist are in contact transitional shelters, drop-in centers, jails, VA Service Centers, and food resource kitchens. At these locations homeless individuals and families receive and will continue to receive services.

Outreach Services operate within a support service continuum where the Tri County Outreach Specialist identifies, screens, and assesses community service needs of the individual in need of or requesting services. Tri County Human Services’ network of mental health and substance abuse services are used as an aide for assisting this population in order to improve their chances at gaining independent living, independent employment, medical assistance, medications assistance, housing needs, or any other needed assistance. The Tri County Outreach Specialist, in concert with Tri-County Case Managers, will reach out to the local community and utilize each of the Tri County Clinics where individuals will be screened for eligibility to gain referrals and links to needed services, as available from other traditional and non-traditional service providers. 

PATH funded services will be provided to homeless individuals on a case-by-case basis as funding allows and is appropriate for those with a mental illness and/or co-occurring disorder.

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