TRI-COUNTY operates a twenty (20) bed medically supervised detoxification unit in Bartow. Tri-County Human Services provides medically supervised alcohol/drug detoxification to adults residing in Hardee, Highlands and Polk Counties. Located in Bartow, Florida, this twenty (20) bed facility also provides substance abuse evaluation and referral services. Length of stays vary from 3-6 days depending upon the detoxification protocol utilized. Admissions to the program are accepted 24-hours a day. This facility has approximately 1,000 admissions per year.


The Detoxification Unit accepts referrals from a variety of sources including private citizens, public and private mental health/substance abuse treatment providers and the judicial system. Once clients have completed detoxification and assessment at the unit, they are referred to public or private substance abuse and mental health treatment facilities as clinically indicated. Referrals are also made to self-help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Residential Level III Detox: Residential Level III is a short term transitional program to help move back an individual into the community and/or other treatment program. It is also available for those who have completed detoxification yet lack stable housing as they await formal admission to the Florida Center for Addictions and Dual Disorders or RASUW. Rather than have someone wait in an environment that would not deter a lapse in sobriety, the potential person served will be given an opportunity to participate in a level III process until their formal admission.


Contact Information


Adult Detox Services

2725 Hwy. 60, East

Bartow, FL 33830

Phone: (863)-533-4139 Fax: (863)-533-5272

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